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  • New EU Policy: The Limit of PAHs in Artificial Turf Filling Materials is Less than 20mg/kg
    New EU Policy: The Limit of PAHs in Artificial Turf Filling Materials is Less than 20mg/kg
    According to the European Rubber Journal, the European Commission issued a directive to reduce the concentration limit of PAHs from the current 100mg / kg to 20mg / kg
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  • Bellinturf Vietnam Factory
    Bellinturf Vietnam Factory
    From the successful kicks off into production in the end of 2017,now Bellinturf Vietnam Factory has operated nearly 4 years.
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  • The Beautiful Football Field Using Bellin-Hero Grass is Completed in South India.
    The Beautiful Football Field Using Bellin-Hero Grass is Completed in South India.
    Bellinturf has the honor to introduce a beautiful football field which is completed in South India.
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  • Quality is Bellinturf’s Pride
    Quality is Bellinturf’s Pride
    Bellinturf is committed to creating superior quality for customers.
    With strict quality control for every manufacturing step and continuous quality improvement, each order of Bellinturf’s product series goes through 26 control processes, 44 w
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Preferred Artificial Turf Manufacturer

≈700000 tons

Yarn Capacity


Grass Capacity


Plant size


Number of employees

The No.1 highest market gains of artificial turf volume since 2017

Based on more than ten years professional manufacturing experience, Bellinturf aims to provide the ideal turf systems designed for sports, landscaping, golf and etc.

With high level of product quality, innovative R&D, and superior cooperation experience, Bellinturf is recognized as a responsible partner by our customers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world including distributors, constructors , chain stores etc.

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Global Artificial Turf Market Share By Volume In 2019

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Integrated Sport Turf System

As a comprehensive solution provider for all sport-surface needs, Bellinturf is sprcialized in developing and manufacturing the professional artificial turf systems for various sports applications including football, hockey, tennis, rugby and multi-sport which can meet the standard of FIFA, FIH, ITF, and etc.

▶ High Quality Surface

▷ Excellent Playing Characteristics

▶ Extensive Durability


Green & Healthy landscape turf system

With natural aesthetics, skin friendliness, proven health, Bellinturf is ideal choice for you to enjoy new life style and beautiful visual experience. 
It is polularly used for many different applications including residential, playground, commercial, DIY, and etc.

▷ Various yarn shapes, colors, backing

▶ Professional products for different weather conditions

▷ Right recommendations for different applications

▶ Extra value-added functions

▷ Keep exploring new products





Putting green

Pet turf

"High Efficiency & Flexibility Service"

For Every Customer

Bellinturf supply not only products, but also a full range of solutions. 
Through complete service system such as professional consultancy services, free field design, optimal product design, strong technical support and practical advice on marketing etc. Bellinturf always strive to provide superior cooperation experience in our own special way.

Professional consultancy service

Free field design

Optimal product design

strong technical support

Practical advice on markting

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Professional Bellinturf Team

Integrity Passion Innovation

Bellinturf has a professional and high-quality management team. Based on the love of the lawn industry, it has been deeply involved in the fields of research and development, production, quality management, and market development of lawn products, and has a wealth of product design, production process improvement, quality management, customer service, etc. experience of.

We are responsible for products, customers and the environment. We regard success as providing high-quality products, developing together with customers, and paying attention to sustainability and environmental compatibility. This is also the key to our recognition as a responsible company.

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